3 other amazing colours for you!

Hey there, little explorers!

Today, we’re going on a colorful adventure to discover three amazing colors: brown, black and white.

First up, let’s talk about brown.

Brown is the cozy colour of chocolate and teddy bears!

It’s everywhere, from the crunchy branches of trees to the soft fur of squirrels in the park.

Then we have black.

Black is the colour of the night sky and the mysterious cats on the rooftops.

Last but not least is white, the color of fluffy clouds and fresh snow.

White is ready for any color to join in and create something beautiful.

And it makes us think of cool ice cream on a hot day.

So, there you have it, friends—brown, white, and black.

Keep your eyes open for these colours as you go about your day.

You’ll be amazed at where you can find them!



Tutti gli argomenti e le attività in inglese per il mese di maggio. Enjoy!
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